Municipality Bački Petrovac

If your soul is a little bit empty, go to Bački Petrovac and you will experience the colours and landscape of plains of which you only dreamed. You will feel the smell of flowers and lawns, absorb beautiful images in which, like a memory, are “painted” fields of hops and you will enjoy the taste of Slovak food, especially in the most widely popular kulen.

You can continue the story in the romantic place of Kulpin and castle Dundjerski, a tourist entertainment “Wedding“… Thereunto, the castle is asleep in the summerhouse, where once upon a time, a poet Laza Kostić walked and versified. Bački Petrovac municipality is the smallest municipality in Serbia. It is the smallest municipality, but has a big heart. It has a big and beautiful heart, as though famous embroidery women embroidered from this small town.

Bački Petrovac is not far from Belgrade. First, you travel to Novi Sad and then go on ahead more than 20 kilometers to the northwest. There the door to green-blue and quiet town opens. Tucked in the south of Backa, the municipality has 15 thousand inhabitants of various nationalities who allocate in four settlements of Pannonian type. Bački Petrovac has much to be proud of and something to show each passenger passer-by and a welcome guest.

Their number is increasing because citizens of Petrovac know to appreciate what they have and to show it and share with the guests. Today, Bački Petrovac quietly, but surely, focuses on rural tourism, and even 20 households can offer you accommodation and bed & breakfast. While entering the small town, forgotten peace captured us, which to us artists open new creative possibilities.

Wide village streets full of greenery and houses decorated with colorful tiles, with carefully arranged area in front of the houses, flowers and lawns, make new ideas and dreams to open up. Many people with right consider Bački Petrovac to be the intellectual, cultural and artistic center of Slovaks in Serbia.

Exactly in this smallest municipality in Vojvodina is the seat of the Slovak Matica in Serbia, Vojvodina Slovakian Theatre, Slovak National Museum, and when you pass the main street a beautiful building of the Slovak high school elevates.