Municipality Bački Petrovac

Basic information

Address of the municipal administration

Opština Bački Petrovac
Kolarova 6
21470 Bački Petrovac



Administrative division

Bački Petrovac municipality belongs to the South Bačka Administrative District and consists of four villages (settlements): Bački Petrovac, Kulpin, Maglić and Gložan.

Geographical position

Geographically, Backi Petrovac municipality is located in the southwestern part of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in north of Serbia and southeast Europe. It is away 25 km from Novi Sad and 105 km from Belgrade. The Municipality has a very favorable geo-strategic position; it is surrounded by the municipalities: Novi Sad, Vrbas, Bačka Palanka and Beočin. This is a lowland area, with the lowest point of 75.8 m on the banks of the Danube and the highest point of 92.3 m in the southwest of municipality. The difference in altitude is 16.5 m and average slope is 82.5 m


Territorial municipality extends over 158 square kilometers.


The climate is mild continental with little rainfall, mainly in spring and autumn. Summers are hot, winters quite cold; however, transitional seasons are mild. Medium temperatures for each month: °C

Degrees C° -0.6° 1.2° 5.4° 11.6° 16.0° 19.5° 21.4° 21.2° 17.6° 12.2° 6.5° 1.9°

Hydro system

Area of Bački Petrovac lies on the banks of the Danube River in 1284 km of the village of Gložan and channel of the Danube Tisa – Danube throughout its course with a length of 25 km. The researches have been conducted in the municipality and the presence of thermal waters has been certified.

Flora and Fauna

The lowland part of Vojvodina conditions low flora, whereas in the Danube zone you may encounter the grove. It directly borders with special park Begečka pit, which is a kind of oasis of rare plant species and a place inhabited by protected species of birds. Dundjerski castle in Kulpin is also surrounded by a magnificent park of 4.5 hectares, which represents the natural monument – arboretum of rare and protected species. There are relatively rich hunting grounds with small game in this area, while the Danube-Tisa-Danube channel and the Danube River is an oasis for anglers. Some protected species of birds live and inhabit the coast of the Danube.


According to the last population census, total population is about 15,000 in the municipality of Bački Petrovac. Total population at resorts are: Bački Petrovac – 6700 inhabitants, Kulpin – 3000 inhabitants, Maglic – 2700 and Glozan – 2300 residents. The Municipality of Bački Petrovac is a multiethnic and multicultural environment; the majority of the population is of Slovak nationality (66.42%), Serbian nationality (25.74%), and others (7.84%).


Municipality is characterized by intensive agricultural production and investment in the development of agro-industry. Traditional production is broomcorn and hops, followed by the production of industrial crops: soybean, sunflower and sugar beet. Crafts and rural tourism were developed intensively along with the economy. The structure of employees in municipalities is 53% in agriculture, 23% in industry and 24% in the public sector. The area is best known for the production of specific products: a broom, while the production of sausage and hot sausage is a special story. The sausage of Petrovac is a product of protected geographical origin.